April 1, 2024

Regular Board Meeting at City Hall

5:30 PM


Call to order.

Establish quorum.

Public appearances. (Limited to 5 minutes.)

Present business:

  1. Read and approve minutes for regular meeting 3/4/24.
  2. Discussion and possible action regarding the attempts to distance potential contaminants from Water Well 3.
  3. Discussion and possible action regarding a customer request to reduce or remove their trash charges to remedy trash blowing on their property.
  4. Discussion and possible action regarding TankSpek’s inspection report of the water tower and their recommendations.
  5. Approve March payroll.
  6. Discussion, review, and possible action concerning monthly financial reports and approve purchases.
  7. Updates from heads of departments.
  8. Updates and reports from board.
  9. Unforeseen business.
  10. Adjourn.

Posted 3/28/2024 by 5:30 PM by Crystal Ninemire, town clerk.